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Kazakhstan Tennis Federation
The Kazakhstan Tennis Federation is the official organization which develops tennis in Kazakhstan. The federation cooperates with government agencies in order to develop tennis. The Federation is the member of International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) and where it has 5 voices.
The main projects is – development of tennis for children in Kazakhstan, “Team Kazakhstan”, tennis development in regions, certification program for coaches in Kazakhstan, tournaments, training program for referees, tennis development among amateurs. Bulat Utemuratov has been the President of Kazakhstan Tennis Federation since 2007. Head office is located in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. Federation has 12 branches in 14 regions of Kazakhstan, not counting two main cities Astana and Almaty.
Tournaments which are held by Tennis Federation
1. President’s Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan 
2. Gold series
3. Futures Tournaments
4. Challenger Tournaments
5. ITF tournaments for boys and girls
6. ATF tournaments for juniors
7. Summer and winter championships
8. Youth championships
Our mission: 
We aim to make tennis a favorite sport for every citizen of Kazakhstan.

We are a team of sincere tennis fans and our values are:
Honesty and Trust

Our goals:
- to promote healthy lifestyle
- to make tennis a popular sport
- to develop infrastructure in every region of Kazakhstan
- to raise and educate tennis players of Kazakhstan – future world champions
- to represent Kazakhstan and win on the world stages

Tennis is associated with people and something prestigious and inaccessible, almost as well as golf...
The festive guests of Ak-Orda who came from all regions of Kazakhstan became the brightest and fine confirmation...

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