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The history of Team Kazakhstan
The history of Team Kazakhstan
The project called Team Kazakhstan was found by the President of Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan Bulat Utemuratov on June 1, 2008.
This project was aimed for training promising tennis players in Kazakhstan to increase their skills. The main aim of the academy is to coach promising players of national teams for the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup tournaments. The project implies the tennis academy providing players with all conditions including participation in tournaments on the international and republican scale, training by world top specialists, education, accommodation and meal costs, medical care and social adaptation. Education is not pushed to the sidelines in a process of training as it is essential part for making up of full-fledged human personality. A good sports player is of an intelligent and versatile personality. The participants of the Academy studied at the gymnasium №17 named after Akan Kurmanov with linguistic bias. The most prospective juniors aged 12 to 17 were admitted to the gymnasium in 2008. The first training class was conducted on June 6, 2008. At the beginning of September 2008 juniors and training staff of the Team Kazakhstan were sent for three months to the Gorin Tennis Academy in the USA to improve both trainers and players’ skills.
In 2009 the academy already numbered 32 players aged 12 to 17. In the summer of the same year the academy reconsidered its policy in relation to the age of project participants because it was necessary to get younger children involved for training prospective tennis players.  In 2009 the academy invited the famous specialist from Holland Eric Van Harpen in the capacity of the main trainer. This specialist was aimed to establish a training process system, to qualify the training staff and to structure the normal functioning of the academy. The same year the world top specialist Mieczyslaw Boguslawsky (Poland) was invited in the capacity of the main physical training coach of tennis players.
In 2011 the Team Kazakhstan invited a famous Spanish academy the Tennis Val which trained Marat Safin, Dinara Safina, Igor Andreev, David Ferrer. The Tennis Federation diversifying all areas aims to attract different specialists in order to provide our players with the best that exists in today’s world tennis and to maximize opportunities and resources in the academy. The settled aim of the Federation remains the same. It is the highest achievements of the sports players of Kazakhstan on the world tennis arena. 
In 2014 the Academy was transformed into “Team Kazakhstan” and numbered 32 sportsmen of main and substitute groups. There were provided all conditions for the players for effective training and participation in tournaments. Annually players are involved to common winter training and examination of physical qualities and monitoring of progress during the winter training.
For the period of 2011 - 2017, KTF cooperates with many leading academies of the world where on the basis of their training centers our leading tennis players go through training camps:
1)      Bruguera Tennis Academy, Barcelona, Spain.
2)      ProWorld Tennis Academy, Miami, USA
3)      Gorin Tennis Academy, California, USA
4)      Tennis Val Tennis Academy, Valencia, Spain

Tennis is associated with people and something prestigious and inaccessible, almost as well as golf...
The festive guests of Ak-Orda who came from all regions of Kazakhstan became the brightest and fine confirmation...

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